Platform Davit

This platform davit is designed to the requirements of the MSC.47 (66), MSC.216 (82), MSC.48 (66), MSC.218 (82) and the IMO 1989 MODU and also been approved by major classification societies.

This is davit is a freestanding deck mounted davit consisting of two davit arms, an intermediate frame, a winch and an operating platform. The system is suitable for safe and efficient launching and recovery of a fully manned lifeboat with relevant equipment.

The launching of boat is realized by means of gravity without using any power source from its stowed position to the water level. The launching procedure can be controlled in two ways, either by means of a remote control wire from within the lifeboat or by lifting the brake handle of the winch directly. Recovery of the fully equipped lifeboat inclusive launching crew is realised by means of the electric driven winch.

In case of a power failure or malfunctioning of the electric system, hoisting can also be done manually by using the crank handle of the winch.

Platform Davit System Specification