Hydraulic Davit

This hydraulic davit system is manufactured and tested under the approval of major classification societies in compliance with the requirements of 1983 & 1996 Amendments to SOLAS,1974.

The davit is a roller track type davit and it lowers the boat onto the water by its weight and the recovery is performed by hydraulic winch (accumulator davit). The boat may be lowered without stopping as turning out and lowering is a continuous movement at a minimum of time-spending. The boat can either be lowered by a remote control or the crew can release and stop the hand brake of the winch from inside of the boat via wire connection to the brake arm and wire spill on the small drum. Alternatively the crew can operate the hand brake on the deck. Lashing arrangement for boat can be released manually by using the slip hooks on fore and after lashing.

This type of davit is ideal for deck with space constraint. Vanguarde offers a wide range of hydraulic davit system with A-Frame design and Gravity Design to suit all types of lifeboat and rescue boat.