Fast Rescue Boat

Vanguarde Fast Rescue & Rescue Boats are designed and built to the latest SOLAS 86 requirements and conform fully to international governmental regulations.

The Fast Rescue & Rescue Boats have excellent reliability, manoeuvrability, and seakeeping abilities in order to fulfil its prime function – to provide an effective means of search and recovery for persons missing at sea. The boats are always used in roles including dive support, inspection, patrol, survey and work boat duties.

The boats are launched using either conventional slewing davits or ‘A’ frame type davits. It comes with the latest Stainless Steel Automatic Off-load release system which compliant with the latest LSA Code Amendments and IMO/MSC/Circ.1392 Regulations and also a built-in Fall Prevention Devices as an additional safety precaution for the release system.

Vanguarde Fast Rescue and Rescue Boats are fitted with either outboard engines or inboard diesel engines coupled with water jets.

The crew capacity is up to either 8 pax for rescue boat or the max 15 pax for fast rescue boat.

Fast Rescue Boat Specification