Vanguarde, a subsidiary of total engineering solutions provider Destini Berhad, is one of the world’s most trusted specialist lifeboat manufacturers in the marine and offshore industries.

Through our collaboration with world-leading underwater capability provider, JFD, two next generation self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL) have been delivered to Flash Tekk Engineering’s parent company, Ultra Deep Solutions.

The SPHLs are engineered to 18-man configuration and can reach depths of 300m. Trials were successfully completed in April and will be installed on the Andy Warhol, Ultra Deep Solutions’ new diving support and construction vessel (DSCV).

In the event of a major vessel emergency, the SPHL can be deployed to evacuate the entire team of divers whilst still under pressure, safeguarding their lives and ensuring that the decompression process can be carried out safely and without additional risk.

Back in 2016, Vanguarde was contracted by JFD to deliver hulls for up to nine new generation SPHLs together with integrated davit systems to a number of Diving Support Vessel (DSV) owners.

This exclusive partnership with JFD means Vanguarde will deliver new 12-man, 18-man and 24-man SPHL hulls. Each JFD SPHL is capable of operating at depths of 300 – 500m and are fully certified by either DNV-GL or LRS. The SPHLs will be installed on various DSVs.

The new generation SPHL hulls are fully equipped and capable craft which:

  • Are approved by major classification societies and flag states
  • Can be integrated with alternative hyperbaric chambers to meet client’s specific needs
  • Have excellent sea-keeping and manoeuvrability with additional bow thruster
  • Demonstrate superior internal space for ease of access around the chamber
  • Have additional storage for essential supplies

At Vanguarde, we strongly believe that seafarers are only as safe as the equipment they operate. Thus Vanguarde continuously strives to innovate and improve our designs and technology.

Alastair J. Bisset, Vanguarde Chief Executive Officer quoted:

“We are honoured to be in partnership with JFD bringing together the VANGUARDE and JFD brands to deliver a new market-leading product to the diving industry. Seafarers’ lives and their safety are of sacred importance to us and we ensure that our lifeboats live up to such expectations. This contract is a major achievement and reinforces our position as a specialist lifeboat and rescue boat supplier to the Marine and Oil and Gas markets”.

Shantanu Vinekar, Chief Operating Officer added:
“The partnership with JFD has allowed Vanguarde to showcase our world-class capabilities in the lifeboat-making industry whereby we play an instrumental role in protecting the lives of divers. We are constantly innovating to ensure we remain at the forefront of lifesaving developments and technology.

With our dedication and proven track record, our customers are assured that they have the best lifesaving equipment there is in the market.”

Based in Singapore, Vanguarde is a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysian based integrated engineering solutions provider DESTINI BERHAD.

Vanguarde has made a name for itself as a trusted and reliable global lifeboat brand. The Company manufactures conventional and hyperbaric lifeboats, fast rescue boats, davit systems and a host of other safety equipment for the marine and oil and gas industries.

Vanguarde’s strength lies within its quality, delivery and worldwide service care network. Coupled with our in house engineering and technical teams we ensure we remain at the forefront of lifesaving developments and technology. Vanguarde is ISO 9001 certified under Bureau Veritas. For more information, please visit

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