Vanguarde Composite Engineering Pte Ltd developed a market leading design of 12-men saturation diving system complete with Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) for the latest generation of Dive Support Vessel which
allows divers to evacuate whilst under decompression condition if an emergency occur on board the mother vessel.

Vanguarde is the only South East Asia lifeboat manufacturer; headquartered in Singapore, with its own 20,000sqm
manufacturing facility in China. Providing high quality products and services to every seafarer is at the heart of what
Vanguarde does. That’s why we have never stopped innovating new products to always provide even better protection
to all seafarers.

Being one of the world’s leading lifeboat manufacturers, we are dedicated to their safety at sea. “Divers working in hazardous conditions need to trust their equipment. Vanguarde is committed to securing their safety with our range of specialist SPHLs”, said our CEO, Alastair John Bisset.

Due to their advanced technology and recognition of the safety of divers, “Self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat (SPHL)” is much preferred to “Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC)”. After years of research and assessment, Vanguarde produced a 10.5metre 12-man SPHL which is built to the SOLAS 86 and compliant with CLASS’s approval with support up to 300 dive depth. The lifeboat is designed to integrate with any make of saturation diving system and it is equipped with the latest IMO approved Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS) – ‘Csafe’ Hook to enforce the safety of the lifeboat. Vanguarde’s lifeboat is also built to excellent sea-keeping and manoeuvrability with additional bow thruster. The ample internal space in the lifeboat allows easy maintenance and gives additional storage for essential supplies.

Collaborating with our partners and associates, Vanguarde is able to provide a compressive SPHL solution combining many years of expertise in diving systems. Furthermore, Vanguarde has a worldwide network of highly trained and certified service engineers to help support our customer and products around the globe.

In Vanguarde, our team is dedicated to ongoing research and development of lifesaving equipment. The safety of seafarers drives us in everything we do. With Vanguarde’s core value, we strive to provide the best quality products and constantly innovate to protect seafarers be Safe at Sea.


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